Coach’s Report: Rampage vs. Adelaide Avalanche – Round 7

Things have certainly gotten very interesting over the past few weeks.

The Coast has won their last four games putting themselves in range of finishing in the top 3, Adelaide and Melbourne postponed last weekend’s doubleheader due to travel issues and we have dropped our last three games.

This weekend we look to get our season back on track with a couple of wins and put some space between ourselves and the teams behind us in the standings.

The Avalanche are a tough test at the best of times but with some key players out with injury I will be looking for everyone to step up and play their best hockey. If we do this I am confident we can walk away with six points this weekend.

Line up for this weekend:

  • Derry Adler
  • Harley Anderson (C)
  • Josh Anderson (A)
  • Jon Bale 
  • Anthony Barnes
  • Marco Bertossa 
  • Liam Cedro
  • Jack Connor
  • Nick Novysedlak (G)
  • Milan Novysedlak (G)
  • Jordan Ricketts
  • Owen Sobchak
  • Jordan Smith
  • Stefan Speck (A)
  • Jakub Terc

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