Brisbane Rampage are semi-professional ice hockey team showcasing Queensland’s best talent and competing at the highest level of hockey in the country within the Pacific Hockey League.

While most major cities within Australia field a national ice hockey team, the state of Queensland has not had a competitive team since 2012.

In an effort to bring elite hockey back to Queensland, Brisbane Rampage have joined the Pacific Hockey League and will begin play in 2022.

Establishing a team within any sporting code has its challenges without adding the extra hurdles of limited ice rinks available.

However, the club has a dedicated and experienced management committee at the helm and the local ice hockey community will have confidence that this team deserves a place within a national competition.

Pacific Hockey League

Brisbane Rampage are one of the founding teams in the newly created Pacific Hockey League (PHL). A league dedicated to make hockey in Australia and New Zealand globally revered.

In its inaugural season, the Rampage will travel to teams across the country with plans for expansion for more teams around Australia and also teams from New Zealand in 2023.

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The Logo

Brisbane’s newest ice hockey team will be known for our physicality, high intensity, fast pace, skill level, toughness and raw emotion and we wanted a brand and logo to match. Our logo features multiple versions for different placements and applications.

Our team colours align with other well established Queensland teams with charcoal, maroon and gold.

Our team name and colours will allow us to connect with our local sporting community and promote the sport on a national stage.


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