Coach’s Report: Rampage vs. Adelaide Avalanche – Round 3

This weekend we are faced with another huge challenge as we face off with the Adelaide Avalanche.

They are fast, physical and have two very good goaltenders. They have scoring threats right throughout their roster and I haven’t seen them take their foot off the gas in the four games they have played thus far.

Their is no doubt this is the best team we have seen come out of South Australia in a very long time.

To say these games are a must win would be a slight exaggeration but with a short 20 game season, we can’t afford to let teams get too far ahead of us in the standings so they kind of have that feel about them.

The message to my team is very clear. We must stay out of the penalty box!

Last weekend we played over a quarter of the two games shorthanded. We knew we would be playing with a short bench due to some availability issues but to then compound that with 16 minor penalties over two games is completely unacceptable.

I encourage a fast physical style of play and want our team to use their size but we have to find a way to do this without taking penalties.

If we can manage these better this weekend I have no doubt we are capable of taking points off Adelaide.

This weekends lineup is:

  • Derry Adler
  • Harley Anderson (C)
  • Josh Anderson (A)
  • Jon Bale
  • Anthony Barnes
  • Marco Bertossa
  • Liam Cedro
  • Ethan Conford
  • Jack Connor
  • Luca D’Arsie
  • Jordan McTaggart
  • Nick Novysedlak
  • Patrick Popovics
  • Jordan Ricketts
  • Anthony Santilli
  • Owen Sobchak

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